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Fishing Inhaler steelhead worms for winter steelhead on the Oregon Coast

Horker Soft Baits Pro-Staffer Aarron Schmidt of Schmidty’s Guide Service puts on a fish clinic with our new Horker Inhaler steelhead worms on the Oregon Coast. Few anglers have the dedication and zeal to hit the water in search of the infamous winter steelhead when you’re looking at a whopping 30 degrees Fahrenheit on the thermometer. Cold winds blowing and ice on your eyelets is child’s play for these Northwest Steelheaders. As our friend Aarron Schmidt shuffles his dedicated clients into his drift boat it’s time for the fun to begin. As long time Oregon steelhead Guides Schmidty’s guide services knows the water like the back of their hands.


We’re fishing on the infamous Wilson River and today is the day we put our Inhaler steelhead worms to the test. The preferred method of the day is running a 4 inch Oly Steelhead worm on a jighead under a float. We added our secret anise scent on our new “Bloody Nightmare” and suddenly our steelhead worms start to steel the day. On the drift suddenly the bobber dive bombs under and with a grip and pull till the hook is set. Whammy the rod gets bent right in half. A monster buck leaps from the water, brilliant colors of the beast glisten in he sun as he fly’s through the air providing an acrobatic air show few fish species can achieve.





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