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Horker Big Game Baits for Lingcod, Halibut, Stripers, Rockfish and more.

Horker Soft Baits goes big with our new line of swim baits for targeting big game. These baits are designed for targeting monster halibut, lingcod, rockfish, sea bass, stripers, and more.


Horker’s 6 inch Mega Shad

The Mega Shad is the smallest of our Ding O’ Ling big game line up. These swim baits are not only good for saltwater fishing, fresh water bass, pike and musky love are swimbaits as well. The mega shad in no exception. It can be rigged with a jig head or weighted hook for weed less fishing rigs.


Horker’s 8 inch Twister Bomb

The Horker Ding O’ Ling Twister Bomb is on of the most effective bottom fish swimbaits made. Also know as a curly tail grub or twister tail, these swimbaits are tried and trued fish catchers. We offer an array of proven colors and have had great success in the pacific Northwest and Alaska using these for Halibut and Lingcod. Try our Horker Twister Bomb and go for the win.


Horker’s 9 Inch Boss Hog Swim Bait

The infamous Boss Hog is our largest swim bait. This thing is huge weighing. If you’re looking to target the big ones the Boss Hog is our go to for monster lings and big halibut. Under a 24oz jig head with a double hook set up the Boss hog is ready to rock. Check out our Boss Hog swim baits today.