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Prostaff application and discount program

We are Horker Soft Baits are always interested in working with industry professionals as well as diehard fishing enthusiasts to promote our awesome products. If you’re interested in becoming a part of our pro staff team and own of our brand ambassadors, we would love to hear from you. Below is the info about our discount program and Pro-Staff application. Tell us about yourself and how you might be able to effectively promote our products.


How It Works


We try to keep it simple and offer a tiered structure for all our pro staff based on content output. Our current program is as follows.


The Rookie

Everyone starts off as a rookie. In this phase you will receive a modest 15% off any order over $100. We may throw in a few bonuses and samples here and there but to advance to the next level you need to consistently produce content in the form of photo submissions to us and sharing your Horker fishing stories on social media, with friends, or your clients.


Becoming a Journeyman

As a Horker Soft Baits journeyman you have established yourself as a brand ambassador. You will be required to provide consistent content in the form of photos and promoting us on your social pages. If you’re a fishing guide we require placement on your site under sponsors or pro staff section proudly displaying our logo.

When you represent Horker Soft Baits at this level you receive a 25% discount on our gear plus we’ll throw in some free swag, samples and test gear for our R&D which your will provide feedback on as well as recommendations as to how we can make it better.

For our fishing guide pro staffers we will promote your business on our various websites as well as our hunting and fishing information outlets.


You’re An All Star

As a Horker Soft Baits All Star pro staffer you have proven your ability to consistently and continuously promote our brand and most importantly you keep the content coming. In this phase you no longer have to pay for our tackle. You’ll receive free gear as well as commissions on any sales you make.  We will continue to promote your business and do everything we can to support your success. However, keep in mind if you don’t promote our gear you won’t continue to receive free tackle.