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Storing Your Soft Baits


Best practices for storing soft baits


One of the questions I get allot is, “How should I store my soft baits to use for next season?” The good news is that it’s actually very easy.


Store in the bag

Basically you just need to keep them in the plastic bag they came in. The bag we use is designed for soft baits. Using plastic containers can casue your baits to dry out and get out of shape. Best practices for storing is to simply use the bag it came in.


Keep out of direct sunlight

Keep them out of direct sunlight and store in a cool dark place. In some case after a year or so you might find your baits are starting to dry out. If this happens there are several types of scented worm oils on the market or you can get plastic lubricant.


keep baits straight

This will extend the life of the bait and give it a more n


Use worm oil

The idea is not to let them get kinked or bent. If left all bent out of shape the baits can end up staining that way and inhibiting the action of the bait when it’s time to fish.


Don’t let get bent

The last thing that is important is that when you store your soft baits because they are soft it’s not a good idea to put anything heavy on them. Doing so canĀ  make the worm oil leak out of the bag and make a mess of things.


Don’t put heavy stuff on them

Also, since in most cases worm oil is scented it can get a bit stinky. lastly putting heavy things on your soft baits can miss shape your baits them leading to an unnatural ugly looking bait.

These are the basic best practices for storing soft baits. Doing so will ensure the life of you baits and allow you to use them over and over gain.