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Our infamous Horker Monster Chomp soft beads

When we set out to make a name for ourselves in the soft bead industry we knew we had to find a way to do it better than the other guys. Our passion and determination brought us to a whole new product line that we proudly call Monster Chomp soft beads. Through pure grit and a never surrender mind set. our Monster Chomp beads are taking kicking ass and taking names in the sports fishing industry. Especially when we’ve talking steelhead beads.  Granted our beads catch more that their fair share of salmon and trout as well we never tire of running them under a float through a tail out and experience the thrill of another bobber down.


So what makes our soft beads different from the rest. First and foremost it’s the plastic that we use. We use a medium saltwater / freshwater grade none Phthalate soft plastic which is less harmful to the environment as well as more absorbent in regards to adding scent. Speaking of scent, we are the only soft bead manufacture that offers five different fish attracting scents that have proven to catch fish over and over again. Scents like Shrimp, Garlic, Anise, Earthworm, and Coffee are available in our soft bead and steelhead worm lines of tackle plus we use shrimp in our big game series baits.

The end result is a bait that gets the job done. A soft malleable fishing bead that’s more like a natural salmon eggs and available in several fish attracting colors and flavors. Overall what we have here is a winning combo that has proven to catch salmon, trout and steelhead over and over again. Monster Chomp soft beads are the next generation of soft fishing beads that is taking the sport fishing industry by storm. If you want to catch the monsters then fish Monster Chomp soft beads and see for yourself. We produce one of the best steelhead beads in the business and would be honored to be a part of your next fishing adventure.



Join the team, start fishing Horker Monster Chomp soft beads today!