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How to Peg Horker Monster Chomps Soft Beads


Pegging Monster Chomps Soft Beads


The science behind rigging soft beads is fairly simple. However, soft bead rigging is a bit different form rigging hard beads. A few of the most common methods for pegging soft beads is using a bead peg, bobber stop, or a bead knot Our preferred method is using the bead peg but bobber stops as also very effective. The bead knot is excellent for pegging and keeping the bead where you want it on your line however the bead know allows the line to cut into the bead. If you happen to get snagged or hook into a big on the bead knot can tear your soft bead appart.


Example of how to tie a bead knot

Bead Knot Peg


The bead knot is exceptionally simple and effective. Run the line through the bead for a couple loops and sinch in down. Granted at some point the line will cut into the bead but it can be re wrapped on another section of the bead prolonging the life span. However using this method of pegging will eventually tear the bead apart thus we only recommend using the bead knot as a last alternative.

Bobber Stop knot Peg


The bobber stop knot it fairly simple to tie and it only take a couple inches of fishing line to tie one. THis is an excellent method for pegging soft beads but can lend itself to allot of slippage. Occasionally you may have to re-sinch the bobber stop knot to make it tighter to prevent movement of the bead.




Rubber Bobber Stop Peg


One of our preferred methods for pegging our monster chomps soft beads is using little rubber bobber stops. These small plastic bobber stops are very effective and simple to use. One advantage of using them with soft beads is that if you’re getting to much movement from the beads sliding on the line, you can actually push the bead over the bobber stop concealing it within the bead which can produce and eyed egg appearance as well and more pressure on the boober stop thus making your peg more secure.


Hard Bead Peg

Another preferred method for pegging our soft beads is the use of a bead peg. This method requires a 4mm – 6mm  hard plastic bead. Simply run a loop through the small bead and a couple loops between the line and the bead then cinch it down at the preferred distance from the bead and the hook. After that you can slide the soft bead above the small hard bead making a very effective peg.



These are among the most common pegging methods we use for our Monster Chomps soft beads, however, there are other methods available such as T-Stops and sequins some anglers use as well but the information we’ve provided here will definitely do the trick. We at Horker Soft Baits wish you the best of luck on your fishing adventures and hope to see you on the water.