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Inhaler Steelhead Worms join the Horker Soft Bait family

So when we decided to start making our own soft worms it was like “Is that a steelhead worm in your pocket of are you just happy to see me?” All fun and games aside, it wasn’t long before we realized that we were way over our heads. The competition is fierce in the rubber worm game. Endless bass angler fish nothing but soft worms. Plus there’s all the big boys on the block. Berkeley, has Gulp Yum has the Dinger, and Zoom has their Trick worm. However, these guys primarily target the bass master crowd. We’re Northwest boys up here so it’s all about the salmon, trout and steelhead game. Plus we had to compete with the Mad River crowd and B&R’s Holeyest of Holies. However, inspired by the fantastic steelhead fishing found right here in our own back yard the Olympic Peninsula we at Horker Soft Baits came up with the ultimate line of steelhead worms. We call them Inhaler Steelhead worms because as you can imagine. They get inhaled!

Now initially while we were working hard back in the lab we knew we were cooking up something good and that was when our first line of steelhead worms came to life. The 4 inch Inhaler Oly Steelhead worm. In the heat of the moment, we decided not only to produce a largest color variation in the sector but the largest variety scents as well. There you have it a new soft plastic worm maker was born.

The Inhaler Steelhead worms line up


Shrimp  | Anise | Garlic | Earthworm | Coffee


4 inch Oly Steelhead Worms


We didn’t stop there. Now that we started rolling our 4″ Oly Steelhead worms specifically for the jig head crowd we though how about we do a 6 incher.  Before long the Northwest Finesse worm was born.

6 inch Northwest Finesse

Horker Inhaler Northwest Finesse “Blood Vein” worm saturated in Garlic


The Northwest Finesse was the perfect soft worm for drifting off the bottom or jigging in the wacky worm pattern. Not only did we come up with some awesome colors like the Pile Worm, Coral Pink, Blood Vein, Garlic Assassin and more. Best of all just like our Oly Inhaler Steelhead worms, we offer them in all the top flavors as well like shrimp, garlic, anise, earthworm, and coffee. Of course we didn’t stop there. We are Horker Soft Baits are always looking to find better ways to catch fish and in that pursuit we came up with a crossover variant the 6.25″ Spade tail Inhaler steelhead worms. The great thing about our spade tail is that you can drift it off the bottom and given it’s longer size and excellent life like action it’s great to fish in brackish or murky water conditions. Prefer to bobber dog it? Just cut our Inhaler Spade Tail in half and slip a hook with a jig head on it and we’re talking “WHAMMY!” it’s fish on. We can stink it with the available scents taht we offer of go no scent for those artificial gear rule areas that don’t allow it.

Inhaler 6.25 inch Spade Tail worm

Horker Soft baits Inhaler Spade Tail Steelhead worms

So far that is our complete line up of steelhead worms but keep in mind our soft worms work for tons of other fish as well. Salmon, trout, steelhead, whitefish, bass, and more all lover our Inhaler soft worms. We at Horker soft Baits are proud to be helping anglers get more fish in the net and look forward to helping you get the win on your next fishing adventure. Order your Inhaler steelhead worms today and join the Horker Soft Bait family.