1.5oz KING CONGER Eel Jigs


Horker Soft Baits King Conger Eel Jigs


Weight: 1.5 oz


Size: 7 Inch Eel body


Colors: Red, Orange, Chartreuse, Pearl, Purple, Rootbeer, Green and Blue Flake, Chartrreuse and Red Flake , Chartreuse and Green Flake, Pearl and Bronze Flake, Piling Worm, and Blue Slurpee.




When it comes to fishing inshore the King Congor Eel Jig is your best bet for jigging up lings, sea bass, halibut, rockfish, cabazon, greenling, and just about any othor preditorial fish.

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Purple with Blue Flake, Red, Red with Black Flake, Rootbeer with Red Flake, Chartreuse with Silver Flake, Orange, Pearl, Piling Worm, Pearl with Bronze Flake, Green with Blue Flake, Chartreuse with Red Flake, Chartreuse with Green Flake, Blue Slurpee, Sand Eel, Pealry Pink


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