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Soft fishing beads, the soft bead advantage when fishing for Salmon and Steelhead

For several decades anglers have come to know the value of fishing beads for salmon, trout and steelhead. The key factor here is that soft fishing beads mimic one of the primary food sources of these fish love. Salmon roe! Every year spawning salmon enter the river systems letting loose of hundreds of thousands of little blobs of milky goodness. Several species of trout, steelhead, and even other salmon trail behind these spawners greedily awaiting an easy meal.


Caught with Horker Monster Chomps “Bloody Disco” Beads

Hard Beads

When the fishing bead craze initially took off, only simple hard plastic beads were available and not many colors were on the market. As time when on several kinds of hard beads evolved.  Manufacturers started producing endless colors and variations. Suddenly painted let beads were introduced, then glass beads and even natural stone fishing beads. All of which had their place and produced results. However over that last five years a new comer has entered the scene. the infamous soft bead!


Caught with Horker Monster Chomps “King Cerise” Beads

Soft Beads

Today the soft fishing beads market is booming. The colors and varieties for ever growing and they are just as if not more effective than traditional beads.  Why? Because soft beads more closely represent a natural consistency of a natural salmon egg. They are buoyant which is another common characteristic of a natural salmon egg and because they’re soft when fish take them they tend to hold onto them for a bit longer increasing the opportunity for the infamous hook set.


Caught with Horker Monster Chomps “Shirley Temple” Beads


One thing for sure, soft beads are here to stay and we at Horker Soft Baits are dedicated to producing the best soft beads the fishing industry has to offer.


Caught with Horker Monster Chomps “Pinko” Beads


We have several super effective colors, some of the most desirable sizes and enhance them by applying the most effective scents for catching salmon, trout, and steelhead. The end result is a product that catches fish again and again and again. Try our renowned soft beads today! Monster Chomps by Horker, the best soft beads ever.



Caught with Horker Monster Chomps “Ghost Shrimp” Beads

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