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How to propery rig the Ding O’ Ling Twister Bomb Curly Tail Grub

Over the last few months we’ve had a few questions from our clients requesting information on the proper rigging of our curly tail grubs. Especially when fishing for lingcod and halibut. Granted when it come to fishing curly tail grubs it far from rocket science. However, in our opinion there is indeed a proper way to rig them.

There are two key factors and propably the most important when rigging this bait. First to make sure the feed the hook throught the center of the body of the bait and second is to make sure hook points in the opposite direction of the tail when it extits the bait. From that point on your in business.

We have provided an image below demonstrationing the proper rigging of out Twister Bomb curly tail grub.


8 inch Twister Bomb rigged on a 6 oz jig.

If you’re wondering why the hook should be pinting away form the tail? It’s a matter of basic physics, if the grub is rigged with the hook and tail pointing the same direction the tail tends to get caught up on the hook reducing both the action of the bait in the water and the life of the bait.

With that in mind once your Horker Soft Baits Twister bomb is properly attached to the jig, from that point you and add a chuck of squid or shrimp to the hook as a extra attractant or in many cases run a trailer from the hook with a Salt Fly or additional baited hook and in many cases end up realing in two fish instead of just one.

We hope this informaotuon was helpful and wish you all the best of luck on the water. Send us photos of your catch with our tackle and we’ll send you a coupon for 20% off your next order.

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