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Catching Lingcod with soft plastic jigs in the Pacific Northwest



If you’ve ever fished for lingcod in the Pacific Northwest it doesn’t take long to see why it’s a favorite past time for so many Northwest anglers.  Not only can lingcod get as huge as 80 lbs and they fight hard. Even better in the 26″ to 36″ range they are probably the best eating fish around even the bigger fish are still pretty good. Catching monster lings however, requires the right gear. This is why we at Horker Soft Baits have developed the perfect soft baits for drudging up these beasts.


First and foremost when when fishing for halibut, lingcod or rockfish we’re all about softbait jigs. We use anywhere from a 6oz lead head jigs all the way up to 16oz jig heads for fsihing the deep water. Our two favorite lures are the twister tail grub and swim baits. Both proven killer effective for saltwater bottom fish over and over again. We call these baits our Ding O’ Ling line up with the 8″ twister bomb and our 6″ Mega Shad swimbait.



Fishing these lures is far from rocket science. You’ll want to drop them down near structures and drop off as these are the places ling like to hang out to ambuch food. Once your threat the bait on the jig head just let it hot bottom and reel in a few cranks the start popping the tip of your rod letting hte bait flutter back to the bottom. If there are lings, halibut or rockfish around before long you’ll be hooking into one.


Our big game baits are perfect for targeting these beasts. Order some today and find out why Horker Soft Baits is among the best in the industry.

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