Horker Soft Baits

Killer soft baits that fish just can't resist


Steelhead Worms
Fishing Inhaler steelhead worms for winter steelhead on the Oregon Coast

Horker Soft Baits Pro-Staffer Aarron Schmidt of Schmidty’s Guide Service puts on a fish clinic with our new Horker Inhaler steelhead worms on the Oregon Coast. Few anglers have the dedication and zeal to hit the water in search of the […]

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Horker Soft Baits Going after halibut in Seward Alaska

Being based in the Pacific Northwest as a manufacturer of soft baits it was only logical that we would come up with our own line of big game baits. Our goal was to create something perfect for targeting halibut, lingcod, stripers […]

Fishing Soft Worms
Rigging Soft Worms for Steelhead

  Ironically fishing soft worms for steelhead is still a realtively new thing. Soft worms have been a southern bass anlgers go to for generations, yet here is the Pacific Northwest it really didn’t catch on until the 1990’s. Today thousands […]

Soft Bead Fishing
The Soft Beads Advantage when fishing for Steelhead

For several decades anglers have come to know the value of fishing beads for salmon, trout and steelhead. The key factor here is that fishing beads mimic one of the primary food sources of these fish love. Salmon roe! Every year […]